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  • Name : All Time Mango
  • Types: Outdoor Fruits Plants.
    Manufactureing: Grafted

    Height: Plants Height With Pot 2 to 3feet.

    Packet Size: 5/6

    Packing Types: Plastic Bag

    Others Necessary: Full Sun Exposure

    Delivery Time: If You Order Now Dispatch Tomorrow.

    Delivery Partner: DTDC, Maruti, Amazon, Delhivery Courier services.

    Home Delivery Time: Dispatch to 3/6 Days.

    Fruit in Time: 3 to 6Months.

  • Fertilizer: Organics Fertilizer.
    Watering: Medium

    Plants Life: 40 -50Year

  • All Time Mango is also known as mango baramasi is one of the most loved and consumed varieties of mangoes. They are sourced from South India and known for their unique taste and aromatic flavour pulp. All Time(12 month) Mango is one of the most widely grown varieties in mangoes. It is well known for its sweet fragrance and delicious flavour. The Baramasi mango trees are medium to large in size.
  • All time Mango is not a seasonal fruit. The all time mango tree in his garden can be counted on to bear fruit throughout the year. The speciality of the tree is that its branches bear the fruits in different stages from flowering to ripening at the same time. While one branch has flowers, the others have matured mangoes
  • This is a grafted Mango Plant can grow almost all indian climate and Soil. You can easily plant on the terrace also in the pot. This shrub Plant can increase the beauty of your home and garden.
  • Injamul baidya promising you to send a healthy live plant in polybag, But due to transportation some time leaf can look dry, my suggestion is to you don’t worry about it. Your Proper care quickly bring your plant healthy.


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