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Name : Ping Pong Longan

Types: Outdoor Fruits Plants.

Manufactureing: Grafted

Height: Plants Height With Pot 2 to 3 feet.

Packet Size: 5/6

Packing Types: Plastic Bag

Others Necessary: Full Sun Exposure

Delivery Time: If You Order Now Dispatch Tomorrow.

Delivery Partner: DTDC, Maruti, Amazon, Delhivery Courier services.

Home Delivery Time: Dispatch to 3/6 Days.

Fruit in Time: 3 to 5 Months.

Fertilizer: Organics Fertilizer.

Watering: Medium

Plants Life: 35-40 Year

Ping pong Longan is an evergreen tree that originated in tropical Asia and China. Ping pong longans are larger in size, about the size of a ping pong ball and more tastier than normal longans.It is a much improved and Fast bearing longan variety. It is one of the better-known tropical members of the soapberry family , to which the lychee and rambutan also belong. The fruit of the longan is similar to that of the lychee,Pin. It is one of the most important tropical and subtropical fruits in the world.fruit has high nutritional and medical value, and is regarded as a treasure among fruits. The longan fruit is very juicy, mostly water, and high in natural sugar content, so it is very sweet. The translucent flesh has the consistency of a grape and it also taste lichee and grape-like


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